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Website PageRank


Google assigns a PageRank to every web page to signify the number and quality of incoming links to a web site. This goes from 0 to 10 and is named after Larry Page who came up with this system of ranking.


An incoming link from a web page that itself has a high PageRank counts more than an incoming link from a web page with a lower PageRank. To improve your site’s ranking it is more important to get links from high ranking sites than to spend a lot of time getting a large number of links from sites that themselves have a PageRank of 0 or 1.


The easiest way to find the PageRank of a web page is to install the Google Toolbar on your browser. This is easily done by searching for “Google Toolbar” and following the instructions to install this. Once you have done this, just click on the spanner symbol to display the PageRank on the toolbar.


Then click on tools and tick the PageRank option to display this on the toolbar. This will be displayed as shown below.


Note that a high PageRank in itself isn’t a guarantee that this page will appear high in searches compared to a web page with a low PageRank for a particular keyword. Google still needs to know what the web page content is about and the only way to do this is to follow the advice given in the sections “Keyword strategy” and “Optimising page content”.


A site with a good PageRank but with poor internal links will result in all but the Home page ranked at 0. With good internal links, specially from the Home page, the PageRank of other pages on the web site and the position in search results will improve.


Summary: PageRank


PageRank is an indication of how well connected a web page is on the internet.