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Making your website work for your business


A website is a great asset to any business. It is always open to business and can be used to showcase the products and services on offer as well as display testimonials from customers.


But are you maximising the benefit from your website? Below are some of the questions that business owners should be asking.


· How many visitors are coming to the site every day?

· What keywords are they using to find us?

· What are the most popular keywords being used by potential customers?

· How can I get extra traffic by paying?

· How many of the visitors are going on to buy a product?

· If visitors are not buying, how can I capture their contact details?

To find out answers to these questions, we can put together a bespoke “Website Marketing” training course that will provide answers to all these questions.


Below are some of the topics covered during the training course.


*   The way search engines like Google work


*   Using Google Keyword tool to find the right keywords for your campaigns


*   The basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


*   Introduction to Pay Per Click marketing


*   How to set up a Google Adwords campaign


*   How to use Google Analytics to track visitors to your website


*   How to fine tune your Google Adwords campaign


Who is the Website Marketing training course aimed at?


This is aimed at business owners, marketing and sales managers. We use simple language and examples to demonstrate the key principles and avoid jargon. It is NOT aimed at website designers or programmers.


Who is presenting this training course?


It is presented by Seggy T Segaran, a small business owner with 24 years experience of running his own business. Seggy is not a web designer. He has had to learn all about website marketing to make his own business successful. This is a very practical easy to follow course.


Seggy is also the author of the book “The battle to get traffic to your website”. This jargon-free guide takes the reader step by step through the black art of trying to get web sites to the front page of Google. Based on the author’s own experience over the last 15 years with various web sites for his own business, this guide covers the basics of keyword strategy, optimising page content, linking and using Google to get web sites to the first page in Google.



How will this course help small business owners?


The bespoke “Website Marketing” training course will allow them to very quickly start seeing their web sites on the front page of Google, using Pay per Click advertising tools such as Google Adwords. It will allow them to understand the benefits of using Google Analytics to track visitor behaviour.


Do you want your customers to find your website, but do not want to pay out to web marketing companies?


Are you fed up of getting calls and e-mails about “getting your website to the 1st page of Google”?


Would you like to do the work yourself and save hundreds of pounds?


Then this website is for you.





Seggy Segaran has given training sessions on website development and SEO for Kigali Crafts Ltd., a fair trade business that supports Rwandan genocide survivors.


Seggy's help has enabled me to develop website links to Facebook and Twitter using html and also incorporate a PayPal shop, which doubled our sales figures for 2012. His advice has also helped me to produce blogs and landing pages that have increased web traffic. I can now confidently use Google Analytics to see where my customers are coming from. Seggy is reliable, friendly and trustworthy. An expert in the field.


Amy Trumpeter, Director

Kigali Crafts, York



As the owner of a small travel business with a limited SEO budget I would just like to say how useful I found Mr Segaran’s tutorials in both giving me the confidence to tackle some aspects of this black art myself as well as equipping me to better obtain what my business required when I needed to turn to the experts.


Alan Robertshaw,  Director

Discovery Travel, York


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